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About Us

We provide Space Decluttering  and Organizing Service in Delhi NCR. We are based out of New Delhi, India.

Founded by Kopal Dhir, who creates Organized Spaces, for Busy Families, that are easy to maintain. 

My Story

I'm  a lawyer by profession.

But I always have had an urge to keep the spaces organized and I used to watch home organization videos from U.S.A. & Canada on YouTube since my school & college days.

Then I recently discovered that now Indian families are also in need of this, especially in metro cities and that's when I decided to take the road less travelled & help Indian families with the same problem and during that I also managed to make a career out of it - a true win-win!

Our Team

We are a Team of 4, each of them having their own specialty in creating beautifully Organized Spaces.

We have worked with clients all across Delhi-NCR.. 

Our Mission

Our goal is to create an 'Easy-to-Maintain System' for you that will help you in clearing the clutter, bring order and find calm in your physical & mental space.

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