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Walking you through our steps

Categorizing all the Items

Well Organized Closet

Firstly, we take out all your items and categorize them in categories such as jeans, loungewear, tops, ethnic wear, lingerie/innerwear etc. as that’s the foundation of organization.


Decluttering from each Category

Woman holding a box of clothes for donation

During this step, we ask you to declutter from each category. We'll support and guide you throughout the decluttering process. 
We all accumulate so many items over time. We all have such items that we haven't used in a long time or don't need them or retain them hoping that we would use them later.
We need to let go of such items so that we may live clutter-free lfe.


Space Planning

Wooden Dressing Room

During this stage, we decide what should go where according to the number of items you have in each category, bearing in mind that everything is easily accessible to you at the same time.


Containing Items

Tidying Storage

We hang and fold all your items using special methods which makes all your stuff accessible as well as you can view all your things at a glance.
Then we contain all your items in the respective spots as planned.


Maintaining System

Tidy Closet

Lastly, we teach you how to maintain your space that way so that it stays like that for a longer time.
Once we do it, it is going to stay like that for a longer time as we create an easy to maintain system for you. We provide truly lasting solution.

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