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Home Reorganization – Yes, the whole house can be reorganized. Remember, you didn’t accumulate your clutter in a day, so it will take a few sessions to clear the clutter and organize your stuff, but it can be done.


Home Organizing/Reorganizing

From decluttering the old grocery items and boxes/utensils etc. to storing the spices, utensils and all things kitchen - we have you covered!

Kitchen Interior

Kitchen & Pantry Organizing

Wardrobe/Closet Decluttering and Organizing – The amount of clothes, accessories, bags and shoes people collect over the years can go into the hundreds. A professional organizer can help to declutter and organize your wardrobe or closet if you are finding it difficult to find your items.

Well Organized Closet

Closet Organizing

DeClutter Stuff before the Move – Many people take the unwanted stuff from one home to another. By decluttering the old, unwanted or broken stuff, you can live in your new home with less clutter (and it might even reduce your moving costs). Move-in: moving into a new home is a little bit less stressful in terms of sheer effort, but the organization and planning required is much more than moving out of a home. When your things arrive, the task of figuring out the best place for everything in the new space begins. A professional organizer could help to get you settled in by taking the stress of getting the right layout in the new home off of your back and helping to make sure you get started on the right foot. Moving homes is a major life event, and it can be a good opportunity to learn better organization strategies for this next leg of life’s journey.

Moving Boxes

Move In/Out

It's so hectic to organize your trousseau & all your belongings into a new place from scratch, specially when you have so much in your plate from planning your dream wedding to settling in new home with lots of rituals. Introducing Room Organization for our newly wed Brides: 👉Categorize, declutter & pack your stuff 👉Wardrobe organization for your new home 👉Jewellery Organization 👉Makeup Organization

Bride in Limousine

Organization for newly wed bride

We have organized your home once. Even though we have created an Easy-to-Maintain System for you, you aren't able to keep 'things back at its place/organized' daily due to: 👉lack of time at hand, or 👉house help not willing to learn, or 👉just being back from the vacation & all the stuff is out, or 👉not being able to keep it organized exactly like that, or 👉any other reason Introducing Maintenance Service by OWK. 👉Package basis 👉8 visits in a year 👉Team of 3 Note: whole set up for season change not included.

Well Organized Closet

Maintenance Service

• Done with You service • Personalised organising action plan for a single space of your choice • Live video sessions for your space • Personalised product recommendations for your space • Check-in msgs to keep you on track • Organising tips and tricks and how to stay organised

Folding Clothes

Virtual Service

From a simple, one-room project to a move-in, a professional organizer can help make life easier.

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